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English Assignment

24 Mar

So I have a College Writing II class this semester that, i’v got to make a blog for… well, since i had this one laying around abandoned since last semester, I’ll just use it. ūüėČ I actually thought about deleting the post before this just because it ‘outs’ me as a total weirdo celeb obsessor… but hey, I am me and you more than likely wont ever get me to change.

Worldwide connections with people you actually like. ūüėČ

One of the things I like about the internet so much, especially blogging, is that it has the ability to connect people over broad networks over some commonality. Long gone are the days of having to conform to the likes of the¬†acquaintances¬†in your area… you can find people that share common¬†interests¬†all over the world. Whether it be video games, golfing, or a certain British actor… there is a social network for just about anything you can think of!

That my friends is why I blog.. and tweet..


Your Nerdy Nursing Student.