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Fuck You Fly!

1 Sep

Sitting down to eat dinner at the end of the day. Should be a nice pleasant experience unless you’re anorexic or bulimic for most everybody. Yeah.. Should be. Unless of course you’ve got a fly circling your dinner table like it’s a cat in heat and your food is like the hottest male cat in the alley.

From Flies to Horny Cats in 0.02 Seconds.. O.O

Okay onward.. Now that we know how fucking annoying the fly was acting, we can focus on the shenanigans that ensue said fly. The focus of the meal is no longer on the delicious, piping hot hot-dog (or whatever) on your plate, its on that fucking cat-buzzard-fly that just keeps trying to hump get closer and closer to your intended meal. Pick up your hot-dog (or whatever), fly gets closer, put down your hot-dog (or whatever), try to smash the shit out of shoo the fly, pick up your hot-dog (or whatever)… and the vicious cycle continues until you eventually finish your hot-dog OR you walk away still hungry because the cat-buzzard-fly finally landed on your hot-dog (or whatever) and you dont want to ingest fly vomit… because you know that’s what fly’s do when they land-they vomit-EVERY TIME!

I guess the moral of the story is… Before you sit down for a nice meal in the evening, parade through your house with a fly swatter-or your gonna end up still hungry …or having a nice, delicious, piping hot hot-dog w/ a side of fly vomit. 🙂

A little side note: Whilst I was googling for a picture of a ‘cat in heat’ THIS picture came up in the search:

Cat? No. In heat? Probobly...

For those that are dense to the Wildly popular VH1 dating show extravaganza, this is Brooke from Favor of Love & Charm School… I LMFAO.


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