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30 Days of RPattz \\ Day 12: Favorite Rob Quote

2 Sep

“I’m just kind of the meat, you know, the meat just dangling along..”

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.gif I made of him at the Q102 Intvw… Stripping. delish.

So I have a bunch of great ‘webbie friends’ as I like to call them, you could also call them h00rs and that’s cool too (I know, a group of ladies that like to be called h00rs?! Where do I get in line?) Anywhoo… they started this 30 Days of Rob thing where every day there is a Rob topic and you pick your fave … whatever the topic is that day. Fun! Im not sure if I’ll post mine here everyday, cause it’s kind of a Tumblr thing… but, we’ll see.

Okay, back on topic… One of my favorite Rob interviews was with a Radio Station Q102 in Philly… I have My TOP TWO from that interview. The one above ^look up^ because I mean, c’mon.. come on.. commme onnnnnn! The talking about his meat, and how it dangles! Although I’d prefer for it to be doing something other than dangling. 😛

And fine.. that’s not really what he was talking about, but seriously, Rob referring to himself as a piece of meat… Yes, I could go on for quite a while with all of the pervvy things I am thinking..

Here’s the Q102 Interview Viddy:

The meat bit is at 2:33 and my Second favorite Rob Quote is at 7:15..

“On the Fourth of July we just sacrifice Americans in England.” <– O.o Seriously! Who says that?! Well.. Rob does. Now people, clearly he’s just joking, but I can envision a group of Tweenie fangirls actually being afraid of Rob for saying this. Just like the “I’m allergic to vagina’s” scandal-gate… But now I’m just getting off topic… and the topic is pretty well laid (teehee) out, so..


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